2 February 2011

Ally's Review: Friday The 13th The Final Chapter

The word masterpiece should probably not be bandied about when discussing films like Part 4. However, Joseph Zito’s 1984 sequel was the most satisfying addition to the franchise, and since I adore this franchise surely the word masterpiece can be used? Okay possibly not, but this movie is still absolutely fantastic. It takes all the elements that made Part 3 so much fun and cranks it up several notches. The characters are more annoying and ridiculous than ever. The quality of 80s lovelies is superb. The ruthlessness of Jason (who is physically more monstrous than ever before) hits dizzying new heights – watch out for his creative way of blocking the front door of the house!

It’s difficult to know what my favourite element of this film is but I think you have to begin with the Jarvis family. Tommy and Trish are two of the best characters in any of the films and certainly give Jason all that he can handle. Corey Feldman is a delight as the impish boy-genius who would put Rick Baker out of work. I also loved the addition of the bereaved brother who is hunting Jason (albeit incredibly poorly) through the deepest, darkest woods... actually he is kind of just camping in Jarvis’ garden but that still takes guts.

Other highlights include the finest collection of cut off shorts imaginable, the appearance of George McFly, and the most extraordinary dancing ever captured on the silver screen.

Slasher movies don’t get more enjoyable than this.

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