26 January 2011

Fin's Review: Friday The 13th Part III

As a massive fan of the whole Friday The 13th saga – yes, even Jason Takes Manhattan - I love every one of the films in the series. If you accept that the original Friday The 13th stands alone and is far and away the best of the series, it helps you view the rest of the films in the series for what they are: some of most enjoyable horror films ever made. If you can watch these films with your friends and not have a good time then you are as dead as Mrs Vorhees .
As much as I love Friday The 13th Part II and some of the new ideas introduced - Jason’s shrine to his dead mother complete with her mummified head, his mega creepy sack mask and of course the fact that Jason is introduced for the first time - it is Friday The 13th Part III where the franchise really takes off.

It is in this film that some of the most iconic staples of the series are established: an intoxicating mixture of 80s babes with bodies and hair to match; comedy potheads; just plain annoying douchebags; and most importantly the hockey mask, which has become one of the most recognisable images in the history of horror films (I mean, even your Mum could probably tell you that Jason wears a hockey mask).
It is also the film in which we begin to see the full gamut of Jason’s creative ways of killing people, my favourite being squeezing a guy’s head until his eye pops out for a stunning early 80s 3D money shot. Jason’s dead eye shooting with the fish harpoon alone makes the admission worth paying. All in all this is a very funny and endearing entry into one of the longest-running and most-loved series in the history of horror.
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