The Origin Of Horror Club

In Autumn 2009, the three of us decided to get together once a week to watch a horror movie in order to stave off the boredom of a midweek Edinburgh night. So every Thursday we’d get together and take alternate turns at selecting a film. Quickly, what begun as just something fun to do became a bit of a ritual and a highlight of the week. Although we had all been fans of horror movies for years, we had never regularly got together and enjoyed the unique thrill that you get whilst watching a scary movie.

Soon a whole vocabulary of words was established to describe the unbearable emotions and to cope with the tension. But even more than that, a true appreciation for the complexity of the genre was realised. The horror genre is so far reaching and the variety of selection added to the enjoyment. One week it would be a 1950s B movie, the next week a classic slasher, demonic possession after that. It meant that we never knew what would be coming up. Admittedly there have been some truly awful films (mostly unsettling South Korean movies) but there have also been moments of being blown away by a new film too, or reestablishing a love for a classic.

We broke the year down into seasons, because you can’t really watch a horror movie while it’s still light outside. So we are now into the 2011/12 season. It got discussed in the 2010/11 season that maybe we should start a blog to write reviews, recommend movies, warn people off other movies and compile lots of niche horror lists. Mostly just for our own amusement. So that's what we've been doing for the past year. Every Monday the three of us review the previous Thursday night movie, so that (sometimes very) different takes can be documented. Occasionally we post a retrospective review of a film that we saw pre-blog, and that's usually done on a Thursday. We also plan to start compiling some lists, but we'll have more details of that once we get started.

Anyway, hopefully some people in cyberspace, with a similar love of the genre, will stumble across our site and enjoy what we have to say. One type of movie that you will never see reviewed though; Gorno is not what we are about. If you have any feedback then feel free to add a comment after any review or 'tweet' us.