17 May 2011

Clarky's Review: Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood & Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

I'm not sure how to review these films. To be honest I think I enjoyed Part V and VI more than these two outings. Sometimes a film is so bad that they are good, sometimes they are so bad they never come back round to being good. That's kind of how I feel about Parts VII and VIII. Maybe I had just had too much Jason Voorhees in the past few weeks.

These films are the film definitions of guilty pleasures, like an Entenmann's chocolate cake washed down with a large vanilla coke. The thing is, you can only really handle that once every now and then. If you were to have it every day you would be classified as a sex beast.

Last Thursday I think I had finally gorged myself on Jason. Jason must now be in his 60's given the time line of the series, and at times his age shows! That's not to say that I didn't take some joy out of these films, it was Jason Voorhees after all. But I think it was too much of the same thing. Each of the films hit the same beats that those that came before with some added twists. Part VII has a Carrie rip off in the form of Tina Shepard and in Part VIII Jason moves to Manhattan. I say he takes Manhattan, he's there for all of 5 minutes, but thats enough to name the film after it. It should really be called Jason takes a cruise.

Jason's diseased body is one of the highlights in Part VII, along with some of the great fashion. And his face is also getting more diseased!

Not great additions to the series (but then none of them really are) but more of the same. If you love Jason, you will love these.

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  1. I think a better analogy for the Jason-saturation that your describing is... it's like a plate of mini eggs, they are delicious but in trying to make them even more special (i.e. 2 Jason doubleheaders together) you microwave them just a little too long, and end up burning your mouth like a muppet.


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