9 May 2011

Ally's Review: Friday the 13th: A New Beginning & Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

We decided on a double header of parts 5 and 6 for this weeks viewing. What can I say about these films? The Friday the 13th franchise is a guilty pleasure of mine. It's hard to review these films because they are pretty awful, but that doesn't change the fact that I really enjoy them. The only way to review it is by way of comparison to what has come before. Although if you are seriously thinking about watching parts 5 & 6 then chances are you have a good idea of what to expect.

Part 5 sees Tommy Jarvis return as a haunted adult, who moves to the worst psychiatric facility in the world. For some inexplicable reason 'Jason' returns to kill lots of the patients. Even for a Friday the 13th film the premise is flimsy. They attempted to resurrect the franchise by going in a different direction and it falls completely flat. You could actually just take part 5 out because 4 and 6 fit together much better. However, if you did that then you'd miss out on some great characters such as Reggie 'Reckless' and his big brother Demon. 2D characters such as these are what makes me enjoy the franchise so much. So in that regard, part 5 has some merit.

Part 6 decides that Part 5 never happened and the real Jason returns. Thank goodness. 2 shots of lightning to the chest not only resurrect Mr Voorhees but give him even more strength. His kills in this film are particularly swift and ruthless. It follows the same premise as pretty much every Friday film - Jason kills a lot of people at a Summer camp. If I had to place it in the franchise I'd say that it's better than part 3 but not as good as part 4. However it is worth it just for the kill in the RV. There are also some actual proper nice shots in this film too.

These aren't films that I can necessarily recommend, if you have seen part 4 then there is probably a good chance you are a big enough geek to watch more. Part 5 is really awful and unnecessary (but still funny)… Part 6 is a good addition to the franchise.

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  1. Great shot of Demon we should maybe start thinking about writing the script for the Demon saga.


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