18 April 2011

Ally's Review: Inside

I thought I'd bring something different to the mixer this week, choosing a film that I'd heard quite a bit of buzz about. I had been thinking about selecting it for a while after seeing it atop of a list of the best horror movies of the decade - but I was reluctant because it sounded pretty full on. I'm not the bravest horror fan in the world, and there have been several films at horror club where I've covered my eyes for a good portion of it - and I knew going in that this film would probably be in that category.

Inside is a very challenging film to watch. It's one of the most violent movies that I've ever seen and that's not really an aspect of horror that floats my boat. I like the comical violence of a slasher movie, and I don't mind the occasional severed limb if it doesn't dominate the movie. I like my horror with tension and frights, not graphic violence. If you read our 'origin of horror club' section you'll see that none of us are into gorno. For me, it's a sub genre of horror that has absolutely no merit. This film is a little too classy to be categorised as a gorno movie, but it walked a fine line. I'll happily admit that the final scene was one that I couldn't watch, it was way beyond my limits. Having said that, although the final shot was absolutely horrifying it was also quite remarkable too.

Even a few days after watching I'm not entirely sure what I think of this movie. It's really well acted, there are some moments of brilliance and it definitely has a depth to it. I was very impressed by the performances of the two stars, who really did an excellent job of conveying the aching sense of loss they both individually carried. There are also some brilliantly crafted shots that represent the best of horror. It's a very stylish film and I think that the team behind it have real potential to go on and make other quality films.

But the overriding impression of the film is the inescapable level of violence. For me, it's just too full on. It's unflinching in its brutality and realism, and I found myself wanting the film to end about half way through. I don't regret the choice because I think it was good to see what my limits are for horror, but I definitely found them in this film. If you are completely numb to violence then this is a very well made movie and it is worth watching. However, if you are anything like me then you'll just find it a bit too much. I definitely won't be recommending it to anyone I know, just in case they think I'm a psychopath as a result.

A very strong film... just a little too strong for my tastes.

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