4 February 2011

Fin's Review: Friday The 13th The Final Chapter

Jospeh Zito is not a name that immediately springs to mind when you think of great film directors but after watching The Final Chapter that might change. The fourth instalment in The Friday The 13th series is by a long shot the best of the 10 films. This film may not be a better film than the original Friday The 13th but it is definitely more entertaining. Zito continues with the usual staples of attractive 80s girls, imaginative kills from Jason and amazingly shallow characters but ramps the story up to another level by adding a number of fascinating story developments.

Far and away the most important development in The Final Chapter is the introduction of the Jarvis siblings. Tommy Jarvis is a horror movie fanatic with a talent for making amazing monster masks, a skill which he uses to great effect in the stunning climax of the film. Trish Jarvis, Tommy's sister, is one of the toughest characters in the entire series and she provides Jason with a serious ass kicking - a very rare event.

The final climax of the film offers more questions than answers. Despite the fact that Jason has been 'killed' before, it is in The Final Chapter that it feels like he is properly dead, as evidenced by the close-up of his head sliding down Tommy Jarvis's knife before Tommy's maniacal knife assault on the incapacitated Jason. If this is the case, what is suggested by Tommy's creepy look to camera in the final shot?

Other interesting things to look out for are the increasingly disgusting look of Jason with his mask off, an aspect of Jason that worsens over time. Also look out for one of the coolest shots in horror, when Jason is placed in the morgue tray and before the door shuts you see a tiny wisp of breath... awesome. 

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