24 January 2011

Ally's Review: Friday The 13th Part III

Part 3 in the celebrated slasher franchise finally finds Jason hitting his stride. For the first time in the series, Jason gets his hands on the iconic machete and hockey mask. Originally made in 3D this film has a glut of unnecessary shots that make absolutely no sense when watched on a normal TV, but it all adds to the fun. I love the franchise because of its incredibly dated look, 80s breezies, predictable story and the host of annoying – 2 dimensional - characters (who are creatively cut down one by one) . This film delivers on all those fronts. Particularly enjoyable are the multi ethnic biker trio (Ali, Fox and the unforgettable Loco) and the “Springsteen is the Boss” bumper sticker. Not my favourite in the series, but a strong addition. Can’t wait for part 4 next week.

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